We create the home you are looking for and make it accessible to you

We help people live in homes with design and maximum energy efficiency, built with high-quality materials and finishes.

This is possible because we optimize all processes, from the initial project phase to key delivery, and work with highly qualified professionals who prioritize quality and efficiency. We value relationships and the fundamental support provided by a good network of contacts that prioritize trust, involvement, and excellence.

We want to contribute our professional experience and way of working to a sector that we are passionate about and that allows us to improve people’s lives.


To our clients


It is our priority. We work with the best finishes in insulation, soundproofing, safety, and durability of the materials of the built home.


Energy efficiency is a non-negotiable value for us. The homes we provide to our clients meet the highest standards, resulting in efficient and comfortable homes.


Based on space optimization, we create spacious, bright, comfortable, and pleasant homes. Our designs are attractive, functional, and adapted to the needs of each person or family.


Our goal is to offer the best homes at market prices. Quality affects our clients’ satisfaction, not their wallets.

To our suppliers


We rigorously filter who we collaborate with. We base our relationships on trust, a key factor in the results we achieve.


We believe that the best way to work is through proximity and understanding. Therefore, we like to establish close relationships with our collaborators.


We establish collaboration ties that go beyond a specific project since we work with people and companies that share the same vision as us.


For us, each part of the process is essential, and for this reason, we focus our attention on each one of them to achieve excellence.

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METANOIEN INVESTORS was born as a result of the convergence of the concerns of two people who seek a change of direction in their lifestyle.

On the one hand, we want to contribute our professional and personal experience to a sector, real estate, that we are passionate about. On the other hand, embark on a vital and emotional path that not only improves our lives but also those of the people who accompany us in the process, whether as collaborators or clients.

Our name synthesizes two concepts:

  • METANOIEN has its origin in the Greek term metanoia and refers to a change of life, to redo the path taken to take another path. The concept is linked to personal development.
  • INVESTORS refers to the world of real estate and financial investments. The concept is linked to financial freedom.

In the field of investments, in June 2022, we acquired our first gem in Vilanova i la Geltrú, with the help of our architect, whom we consider a good friend, Albert Tutusaus.

In the field of personal development, in 2023, we plan to create funds that allow us, on the one hand, to help young people discover their true passion and obtain freedom, in the broadest sense of this word, and on the other hand, accompany older people on their vital path, first identifying their needs and what they are passionate about, and then offering them options that allow them to enjoy their precious life to the fullest. These purposes stem from our feelings towards our children and the love we profess for our parents.

The journey has begun…

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